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PostSubject: INGAME RULES AND REGULATIONS   Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:28 pm


1. Every player has the right of the free development of his own personality, as far as he or she does neither violate the rights of other people nor the following rules:
2. All players are equal regarding those rules. Female and male characters are equal. No one may be discriminated or preferred regarding his or her sex, descent, race, language, home and derivation, belief, religious and political points of view.
3. Everyone has the right to freely express and publish his or her opinion orally, in written form or in pictures.
4. Those rules are restricted towards the prescriptions of general rules as described below, in the legal clauses regarding the protection of youth and the respective national laws.

1a. Violation of the rules are being avenged by GMs primarily. GMs are authorized to jail citizens, ban them temporarily or entirely from the game.
1b. In case of a permanent ban, all former payments will expire, the characters will be frozen, gold and items will be deleted.
1c. A player who has been banned permanently by GMs has no right of compensation or claim for refund of his prepaid payments according to the Terms and Conditions.
1d. The instructions of a GM have to be obeyed in any case.
II. Hearing/Objection
2a. Everybody has the right for a hearing on the part of the below-mentioned Game Master if they feel unfairly treated by the Administration of the Coded Spirit Ran Online.
2b. The applicant has to request the hearing with screenshots, a description of the incident (in electronical form) and a detailed proposal with the desired result.
2c. Decisions of the Game Masters are definite and not refutable.
I. Behaviour in General
1. Be fair or Don't do anything, which you don't want others do upon you: Be fair regarding every aspect of the game. When it comes to trading: Be fair as well, so that everyone has equal chances of fun in the game.
2. Don't pretend to be another person: Please be yourself (your character), don't try to be someone else. You should especially never try to be another player, a GM or an employee of a company related to Coded Spirit Ran Online.
3. Don't insult or accuse other players: For being able to design a friendly and for all players comfortable gaming environment, you should never insult or accuse other players.
4. Don't spread rumours: Always stay with the truth! If you spread rumors about other characters, players or GMs, you can even become liable for it if someone you have spread bad rumors about sues you.
5. Don't scream "Party plz!" or the like: You should always use complete and correct sentences. So if you need a "Party", you can ask politely: "Party Plz?". Some players react very huffy on incomplete sentences, especially regarding expressions like "plz". The correct word is "please" and not "plz". If you ask friendly for something, someone will for sure help you. Please do not beg, just ask politely, but always keep the following in mind: Everyone has the right to just say "No!" and to not help.
7. Be friendly and polite: As long as you stay friendly and polite, other players will also react friendly towards you.
8. Operators of official fansites: Operators of official fansites have an increased responsibility and they should take care that the rules are being followed on their websites as well.

The following ingame behaviour is NOT allowed.
1. Killstealing:
The attack on a monster which is already attacked or attracted by another character.
2. Looting:
The theft of loot which is dropped by a monster the thief didn't attack at all.
3. Mobtraining:
The gathering of monsters and dragging them along in process to get them killed by a mass attack skill.
4. Insults / Cursing:
Personal affronts towards players or gangs.
5. Fraud / Trade abuse:
Fraud is the abuse of trade rules or the failure to comply with an obliging arrangement of any kind. Agreements have to be fully documented by screenshots.

Please note that it is your primary aim to abide by all the rules and regulations posted on this forum. Any violation of these mentioned rules will bring along with it a ban if necessary. Apart from the ones mentioned here, you are required to follow the general forum and ingame rules of SilkRan.

Thanks you
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