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PostSubject: JUST-FOR-FUN-FAIR-GAMING   Fri Feb 08, 2008 10:53 am

I made this server for me and my friends' amusement. I am a working stiff who needs a hobby to insure my sanity in this money-crazy-rat-race world.

I do not intend to make this a business or whatever. I have a well-paying job, and i'm still single. I am not like other private server operators who are married with kids but aren't employed gainfully. They need the money so badly they leech as much money as they can from their players---they sell stats/reborn and GM items like Supervisor ring!

SilkRan=Fun & Fair Non-Profit Server. The donations from players will go to a savings fund in case they decide to buy dedicated server hosting. if there's any extra money from donation, i will give it to charity of my choosing. I am not sure yet where it will go. Pag wala ako maisip, bigay ko na lang sa Kapuso Foundation ni Mel Tiangco.

But let me make it clear to any interested party... I will only shutdown SilkRan if I get a confirmed Official Legal Demand Letter from E-Games Philippines. I will let my lawyer see it and seek his advice. If he says I have to shutdown, then shutdown i will. Otherwise, SilkRan will stay online as long as I have my job and unmarried.

God Bless. Ran Fan Forever!


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