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 Why You Should Play SilkRan

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PostSubject: Why You Should Play SilkRan   Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:08 am

1. Long Term Server, no wipe-outs will happen except for hack attacks which is really just a nuisance since I do daily SQL backup on multiple PCs. Admin can financially support it even without donations from players.

2. Admin will NEVER sell stats or supervisor rings to players. No overpowered donation items too. Fair play is fair play. rich kids don't rule this server. You gotta grind to be a strong silkran player!

3. Daily Club War.

4. Good server rate, not too fast or slow.
xp rate = x 1,280
gold = x 1,000
item = x 500

5. Reborn Cap implemented para wala masyado super mamaw players.

6. Playing Online games is therapeutic. Believe me, SilkRan can help you minimize your need for anti-depressants. It's a good way to wind down your daily stressload from the office.
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Why You Should Play SilkRan
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