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 Hands_Down Top 1 ng Silkran Banned for 1 Week

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PostSubject: Hands_Down Top 1 ng Silkran Banned for 1 Week   Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:46 pm

Effective February 2, 2008, banned for 1 week ang account ni Hands_Down.


1. No respect for GM and Admins.

2. Accessing Server PC unit

3. Habitual Force PK of low levels

Since it's a shared account and Lowee isn't really the owner of that account, I am giving original owner Janreel another chance.

Dapat permanent ban nga eh naawa lang ako kay Janreel. He can use Hands_Down account again after 1 week pero dapat siya na lang nakakaalam password. pag ginamit pa uli ni lowee yan account na yan...

delete ko permanently!
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Hands_Down Top 1 ng Silkran Banned for 1 Week
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